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Oh...To Be A Delta Girl!

As a teen, I was inspired by an older cousin to pursue college. At that time, she was the only one in our family that made it to college. Everything she did, I wanted to do...including becoming a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Fast forward into my young adulthood, I went off course and had my first child before graduating high school. I went to college and stayed focused on my studies. But because of my parental responsibilities, I concentrated on making money and raising my daughter. It was hard, but I finished college in five years. I missed my opportunity to become a I thought.

That was until I met Melinda! I met Melinda on a girl's trip and through mutual friends. She later became a great friend, confidante, travel buddy, and now my sister. She too is a Delta. After I had explained to her that I'd missed my opportunity, she corrected me and told me about the Alumnae Chapter. She gave me hope again.

Today, I am a proud member of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; a group of college-educated women that serve the black community. I particularly have a passion for helping children and the disabled. I represent God (first), my family, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority while coordinating projects and movements that benefit the underserved. I believe that it is my God-ordained assignment to serve others and I do it with grit and compassion. Oh, to be a Delta girl means I will continue this journey of servitude and make my family and sorority proud...because this is what I was born to do!

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